pretty-stella said: Excuse me, I found your graphic of Ashley Benson and Robert Pattinson earlier and I loved it! Any chance you'd be willing to make another? I'm not after any text as as for relationship... um, mutual crush, if possible, please?

Oh my goodness thankyou! <3

Absolutely darling. 

Anonymous said: Hey! Could you please do a Joseph Morgan and Willa Holland graphic? :) i like them to have a romance in it ;) thankss

Yes darling. Of course!

wanderingroleplayer-deactivated said: Hi :3 I was wondering if you could make me a 1x1 plot graphic with Eza Miller and Kaya Scodelario? I would like it to be quite dark, with the text "What if I could save you?" Please and thank you! :D

Absolutely darling :)

Won’t be able to make any today.

So sorry darlings! It’s my best friend’s 18th today so I will be spending all the day with him, and our best friends.

(I kid you’re not bitches I love you all <3)

thelady-narcissa said: Can you make a Leighton Meester/Alex Pettyfer graphic please? They are Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy in this RP.

Oh I love them as a couple, great FC ideas! Absolutely dear!

teamxker said: Could you do a manip graphic (or crossover graphic or whatever suits you) for Ashley Benson and Colton Haynes please :)

Absolutely <3 Adorable.

kayascodelarios1x1rp-deactivate said: Hello my dear. Could you make a graphic of Adam Levine and Barbra Palvin? It's like...a smut/romance/angst plot that takes place in the 1920s. And could the words, " Ain't Misbehavin'" be written?

Absolutely darling!

jean-colt-rpg said: Please, a romantic Vanessa HudgensxAndrew Garfield graphic?

Absolutely darling <3

spencemichaels said: So, I've got a few that I want made, if you don't mind, but feel free to only make one, love. Blake Lively x James Franco (coupley), Alexandra Daddario x Jake Abel (crush), Bridgit Mendler x Colton Haynes (bromance), and Katelyn Tarver x Adam Brody (broken up). I can send you more context on the ships if needed or if you want lyrics or something for them. Thank you!

I will do all of them darling <3 But probably not one after the other - I like to get to everyone’s graphics at a fair pace.

Taylor Swift x Harry Styles - for candiceraccola1x1

Taylor Swift x Harry Styles - for candiceraccola1x1